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BMG Green Technology was established in the year 2015 with a vision to reduce energy consumption of buildings and industries through a systematic energy audit. BMG explores the technology that can provide a long-term solution to protect our atmosphere from an excess of carbon dioxide.

We help our clients to monitor and mitigate the impact of energy and water use to make them more sustainable. BMG Green Technology offers Energy audit and green building consultancy services in south east asia region.

About Us

BMG Green Technology is a leading Energy and Green Building Consultancy Company incorporated in the year 2015 with a vision to reduce environmental emissions through innovative solutions. Environmental emission reduction is the only way for a healthy life of humans and animals. BMG Green Technology was founded by Mr. BALA (Nagarajan Balamurugan).

He is a certified energy auditor by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)-India, Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM), Singapore Certified Green Mark Accredited Professional (GMAP) and Singapore’s Building Construction Authority “Registered Energy Auditor”. He has completed more than 30 buildings energy audit in South East Asia region. He has an extensive experience in the field of energy audit, climate change and teaching for younger minds. He was one of the trainers for SCEM. He has completed few research projects that are suitable for tropical climates. He also co-authored 3 journal publications in energy research.


  1. Best customer service
  2. Maintain confidentiality
  3. Highly qualified engineers
  4. Top technological tools
  5. Creative and innovative solutions

What We Do

We are specialized in Building Energy audit (chiller system, mechanical ventilation System, Air distribution system, Lighting system and Water distribution system) and Green Building Certification. We provide the best, most cost-effective energy consulting services and tools in the industry.

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